Local Love : Arkham Interview

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Photo:Alexandra King

Arkham is a hardcore punk band that has been carving their name in the local scene since 2010. We had the chance to talk with them about influences, favorite albums, and future plans.

How did Arkham form?
Charlie and I had played together in bands before earlier in high school (indie punk, think arctic monkeys). One night in September of our senior year I dragged him to an A Wilhelm Scream show at Reggie’s. Afterward Charlie proposed we start a new band, that was a little more aggressive than the last ones we had been in. I had been playing in a ska band at the time and Charlie was in a rock band so we were both ready to try something new.

How did the band get the name Arkham?
Arkham originally comes from the Horror writer HP lovecraft. It was the name of the town his stories were set in. The batman writers took that as a nod to him. Growing up I was always reading batman comics and HP lovecraft stories, so the name just kinda fit. I ran it by Charlie and he was on board.

Most bands remember their first show how was Arkham’s first show?
We were terrible but it was a good time. It was January of 2011 at pub yahoo (a basement bar). We stumbled through a terrible set, but everyone was super nice and we met friends and kids we still play to today. That was an awesome disaster of a show.

What bands influence arkham?
Influence is a weird thing, because we are influenced by a wide variety of music. Bands that influence us that we take from sonically, Gallows, This Is Hell, A Wilhelm Scream, Dangers, Cancer Bats, The Ghost of a Thousand, Black Flag, Strike Anywhere and Minor Threat are huge influences. But there are also bands that we love whose influence may not manifest directly in our music in obvious ways. My favorite band is Against Me!, Charlie’s is the Gaslight Anthem. I learned a lot about the importance of artistic integrity from bands like public enemy, defiance ohio and converge. So influence comes from a lot of places.

What are your thoughts on the local scene? Genres? Venues?
I think there are a lot of great local bands doing awesome stuff right now. We love Shallow Graves, Widower, Warforged, I Made You Myself, Ruthless, The Calm Before, Awe Howler, The Cheyenne Line, So Many Ways, Death sentence, 7th circle, and Knuckle Puck.
These are bands not exactly in our genre but bands I still love. I think Chicago has an amazing punk scene. I grew up with going to shows with bands like Vacation Bible School, Sass Dragons, Yeni Raki and The Brokedowns.
I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have very strong feelings on the problems with local bands and the local scene, but honestly your time is better spent checking out the bands I mentioned than listening to some long essay on how much everything sucks. Lets focus on what doesn’t suck, like those bands above, they definitely don’t suck.

If you could play on any tour (real or made-up) what bands would be apart of it?
KISS,The Darkness, GWAR, Andrew WK, Attila
Against Me!, The Flatliners, Strike Anywhere, Gallows, Letlive ,Stickup Kid, So Many Ways, Sovereign States

Does Arkham defend hardcore?
Between being full-time students, our jobs, writing, playing shows, touring and an expansive Netflix backlog, this group of dorks doesn’t have time for such nonsense.
That being said, we will defend Yeezus with our lives

A lot of bands are going on anniversary tours playing full albums, what album would you like to see played live in full?
I’d love to see a 10 year anniversary tour for 3 cheers for sweet revenge since that turns 10 next year. That was the album that really got me started down the path that I’m on now. I’d also like to see a 10 year tour for Against me’s “searching for a former clarity” Rise Against’s “the sufferer and the witness”, Anti-Flag’s “for blood and empire”, and Thursday’s “War all the Time”.
Id also love to see Gallows get back together with frank and do a 10 year for “orchestra of wolves”.

What is Arkham currently working on?
We are currently writing and recording a new EP that should be out before Christmas. After that we’re gonna be doing as much touring as possible, anywhere that will have us.

“Like” Arkham at their FaceBook Page
Listen to and download FREE music from Arkham at their Bandcamp Page

Listen to their single “The Sleep Of Reason” Below


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