Local Love: So Many Ways Interview


We had the chance to talk with Colin Corley of So Many Ways. We discussed the new lineup, the gap between releases and details on new material.

Since the last time, we talked there have been some members changes, Who are the new members? Is this the best lineup So Many Ways has ever had?

The newest members to SMW are Alexander Palermo on bass and Johnny Kalabokis on drums. Alex used to play in a band called Cave Bear and Johnny used to play in a band called Three Cent Cinema, both of whom we played with numerous times. We had been friends with both of these guys for a long time and once we needed both positions filled, they were the first guys we called. And yes, this is absolutely the best lineup SMW has had for numerous reasons. This has been the first time since our band started that we are all 100% committed and on the same page as far as where we want this band to go. Personally, this is the most fun I’ve ever had being in SMW and it’s primarily due to the chemistry of the five of us.

It’s been two years since So Many Way’s released new material. The last being a self-titled EP. I know the band is working on new material, can you give us any information on the material? Also why the long gap between releases?

This gap between new releases was not something we all wanted. We had several circumstances that lead to a lull in our productivity. But the new songs we’ve written and recorded are what our band is all about. They’re fast, shreddy, catchy, and a little heaviness tossed in for good measure. Easily the best songs we’ve ever written. These songs do have a home but those announcements will be made in due time. I can’t wait to show you what we’ve been up to!

Are there any plans to tour in support of the new material?

Absolutely! We’re doing ten days with Senses Fail soon, some one-off shows, and then we’re going to continue writing even more new material. However, starting in 2014, we’ll finally become a full-time touring band. We’ll be going anywhere and everywhere, so hold onto your butts.

This question might just be for me, but are the old songs retired? Will we ever here “I Tore Kirsten A New Moon” played live again? Because I got the lyrics down if you ever need help.

Yes, those songs are pretty much retired. We only plan to play songs off of the new release and a couple from the self-titled EP from here on out. We’re basically a completely different band from when we started so it wouldn’t make sense to play those older songs. I’m glad you still enjoy them though! (haha)

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