Let’s Talk About Music | The Lippies

After I finish my end of the year list I always read as many different ones as I can. I do that out of curiosity and to see what other people think are some of the best releases of the year. As I read a few of these lists I kept seeing the name The Lippies. So after few weeks went by I finally decided to give The Lippies a listen.

The Lippies debut self-titled record is insanely good. It has everything I love about pop punk catchy choruses, smart relatable lyrics, and energy. The best way to describe The Lippies is a mix of The Ramones, Bikini Kill, and Masked Intruder. I wish I had heard this album when it came out in March of 2016 because it would have been the soundtrack to my summer. Let’s talk about some of the standout songs on the record. “302” is easily one of the best pop punk songs released in the last five years. With a chorus like “I think you’re funny, I think you’re cute I’d like to drink my brains, my brains out with you Say fuck the future, fuck the past too We’ll make a date for 302” I don’t understand how this song wasn’t bigger. “Basic Boy” is another standout for me. At first, you might not realize the true rebellious core of the song. Lead singer Tonia Broucek is angry at a boy because he’s so “basic” that he can’t help but stare at her. She then goes on to question if this world is for her if the inherent or “basic” nature of people is to stare for superficial reasons.

I could go on and on about this record but I’ll let you listen and let you develop your own relationship with The Lippies.  Unfortunately, the Lippies broke up in April. In a statement on the bands Facebook page Tonia Broucek said

“It is with a heavy heart- one full of love, gratitude, and an ever developing sense of self- awareness that I make this announcement: I have decided to pull the plug on The Lippies. This band was started to help me get things off my chest. I needed a healthy outlet for my feelings and was lucky enough to fall into a group of awesome people who were willing to help me simply by doing what they love to do- by writing and playing music…When asked about our future as a band, because we’ve never had a real plan, the answer has always been that we will continue until it no longer feels right. And guys, it no longer feels right to me. The Lippies was therapy. I don’t believe I was meant to follow the career path I was heading down (at least not now, and not at such a quick pace) but I am so fucking grateful that I tried it out, and we tried it together. None of us are done with music, not by a long shot.”

The Lippies were short lived but they left us with some amazing music. Hopefully one day the band will play one more show but until then take a ride in your hot air balloon.

Listen to The Lippies self-titled record below!


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