Punk Rock Vault | First Class “Somewhere In The Grey”

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I have no memory of how I found out that this record existed but ever since I did it has been one of my favorite skate-punk records. There isn’t much information on First Class besides that they were a local four piece that released Somewhere In The Grey in 2004. The only other information about the band comes from a Skate Punk Memories blog post.

The EP consists of six songs coming in at around sixteen minutes.  Somewhere In The Grey screams skate-punk from its title, fast drums, and music video for “Anymore Lonely”

It’s a simple record from a more simple time. As far as song topics every song on Somewhere In The Grey has to do with love, relationships and apologizing. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. First Class are aware of what they’re good at and they exploit it. It makes the record that much more fun because listening to it now I feel like a young kid who just wants his crush to notice him. It’s an innocent album.  This was actually the second First Class release. The band released a demo in 2002 which features one song, not on Somewhere In The Grey. So that brings the bands totally amount of songs to seven.

Was First Class the best skate punk band? Probably not but it’s interesting how the popularity of punk during that time trickled down and influenced younger bands. Somewhere In The Grey is available on most music apps but I will also link the only youtube playlist featuring every song on the album below.


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