Punk Rock Vault | Park “It Won’t Snow Where You’re Going” (2003)

lob13020_originalThis is an album that never gets talked about when discussing the great emo albums throughout history. That’s always been confusing to me since Park is from Illinois which of course is an important state if we’re talking about historic emo bands. American Football, Cap’n Jazz, Braid and many more call Illinois home. So why isn’t Park held in the same light as those other bands? Well, let’s find out.

It Won’t Snow Where You’re Going could simply be considered underrated because it was released the same year as Brand New’s Deja Entendu , Death Cab for Cutie’s Transatlanticism and The Artist in the Ambulance from Thrice. Just a quick note before moving on. Whether or not you consider all these albums “emo” or not is not my point.  If we lump all of these bands under the “Alternative Music” genre then its safe to assume you might not have time to listen to every alternative album released in a given year. Also considering 2003 is very pre-streaming services I think it’s very plausible to say that with all these unforgettable albums released in one year It Won’t Snow Where You’re Going simply flew under the radar.


Those who did listen to this album were treated with raw, emotional and heartbreaking lyrics. So much so that the band included this message in the CD booklet:

“This album is purely an artistic interpretation of personal experiences. Although there are some references in certain songs suggesting suicide, by no means are they saying that suicide should be an option during a sad or upsetting time in life. If you or someone you know is ever in a situation where you feel suicidal, there is always someone to talk to; friends, family, or counselors.”

The CD booklet also contained links to the International Suicide Prevention Program and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention websites.

So let’s take a look at some of the lyrics. From “Gasoline Kisses For Everyone”
“I think I’d be lying
if I said I don’t enjoy this.
waking up soaked in sweat
wondering who you’re laying with”

From “Conversations With Emily”
“don’t you find it reassuring
that one consolation growing my darling
boy it won’t snow where she is going”

From “Which Wrist First”
“Tonight I’m spent
Pretend this razor is your lips
You’re finding ways to kiss
Deeply on the wrists”

and “This Would Be Easier If You Would Just Die”
“If you can hear this
And I know you can’t
The blood cut from our veins
Echoes spelling out both our names
Straight into our aching chests
Alive with fear and cut up necks
What would your sisters do if they happened upon the real you?”

Meme’s aside it’s clear that It Won’t Snow Where You’re Going is a very personal album. It’s everything I love about music unfiltered raw emotion.  This album still holds up and in my opinion is on the same level as Deja Entendu or Tell All Your Friends from Taking Back Sunday which was released one year prior. In some alternate universe, I’m sure people have Park lyric tattoos and your friends are sharing memes with Park lyrics. Unfortunately, Park never achieved the level of success as other bands but that doesn’t mean their music is any less.

Park’s latest release Jacob The Rabbit was released in 2014.

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